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What is the Dual Purpose Goat Project?

The Dual Purpose Goat Project is a group of breeders dedicated to breeding a better dual purpose goat using data collection to make educated breeding decisions to improve both the milk and meat ability of the goat. These data markers have shown over time to produce an efficient goat that milks well and has the ability to raise meaty kids that are ready for market quickly. The project was designed to record these animals, record the data and educate others to use this data to breed a better dual purpose goat. 

Together, the founders have over 25 years experience improving their herds using specific data markers that have been tracked over generations. These markers can then be used to make better breeding decisions to reliably produce animals that are more efficient, milk better, have faster growth rates and are overall more productive. 

We are not a breed registry, but instead a performance-based organization. We do not discriminate based on breed and are open to all goats that wish to improve upon dual purpose ability. We accept purebred or crossbred goats, goats that are already recorded with another bred organization or not registered at all. The goal is to make your goat the best goat it can be no matter what the breed or bloodlines. Everyone is welcome. Come join us! 

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