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Would you like to have your goat evaluated? 

Have you ever wanted a professional opinion on your goat? Or help with determining what buck to bred her with to make improvements? Or to see if she is a "Keeper"?  Or a potenital Herd Sire? 

 You will receive a completed Goat Evaulation Form for your records and reference when making future decisions for your herd. You can also receive a consultation with your evaluator. We are happy to do these evaulations virtually to make it simple and convienent for you. For $10, which is less than a show entry, you receive feedback and have the opportunity to ask questions that you wouldn't be able to ask in the ring. 

If you have a goat that you are working towards the Dual Purpose Top Performer designation with, this evaluation serves as completing one of the qualifications. 

If you are insterested in this service please complete the form below and we will send you the submission and payment instructions. 

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