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Why register your goats?

Tracking performance also means tracking pedigrees. Many performance factors are hereditary and it's important to know the genetics in your herd. If you aren't tracking pedigrees and how the animals in those pedigrees perform you are missing out on very important information.


Your membership comes with discounted animal registration fees. Registering your animals not only tracks pedigrees but registered goats are able to partcipate in the Dual Purpose Goat Project production programs. This also makes them eligible to earn Stars and Awards. Since we are not breed specific, all breeds can be registered. Cross-bred goats are welcome also. We want everyone to be able to participate in these wonderful programs! 

If your goat is already registered with another organization that's okay! You can just send us a copy of the pedigree and we can add that information to their DPGP record when you record them with us. 


If you have a goat that has not been registered with another organization, you have the ability to register him or her with us to start tracking a pedigree history. If you have some parentage history, we can add that pedigree data to your goats record. 

You can complete the form below to submit the animal information. Just complete the form, submit, and head over to the Store to make payment. This allows you to submit multiple registrations and only have to submit payment once. After your registration(s) are processed you will receive your Goat Registration Certificate in the mail. This Certificate will contain the individual animal information, pedigree information, along with a transfer of ownership that can be completed if you ever decide to sell your goat. 

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