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Our Milk Testing Programs

We wanted to make milk testing EASY and FUN! Pick the lactation length that works best for you. You can choose from a 180-day, 240-day or 305-day lactation. You have the option of doing Owner Sampling with Virtual Verification Testing or using a Certified Tester to come to your farm. Milk testing can be done if you milk once a day, two times a day or even dam raise your kids.We want to make milk testing so easy so EVERYONE can do it! We want everyone to be able to collect the data to make better breeding decisions to improve their herd. 

Your goats are able to earn stars and awards with our registry. Stars may be earned for pounds produced, pounds of butterfat and pounds of protein or any combinations of those. These goals have been designed to take the does dual purpose ability into consideration. Special awards are given to does that earn a star and milk through at least 240 days or 305 days.


Because we welcome goats of all breeds and combinations of those breeds, our requirements are not based on breed. Our requirements are based on the size of the goat and what she should be producing to be efficient. 

You can join the program at anytime, even if your goat is in milk already. No need to wait until next kidding season!


Your membership includes access to this wonderful program.

Most herds testing 10 goats or less can test for only $25 per month!

(After purchasing a scale and initial supplies. Verification Test Fees are extra)

* Please note. This is not an "Official" DHI milk test program. Milk samples are processed at a DHI approved lab. Records obtained through this program are Official DPGP Records. 

The application to enroll in the milk testing program is listed below or can be printed from the forms page. As soon as you complete the application a Program Packet will be sent to you with more information. Please contact us if you have any questions.  

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