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How do we breed efficient, productive goats? 

If you don't know where the starting line is, it's hard to see the end goal. The first thing that you need to make improvements in your herd is to see what you have to work with. We offer data tracking programs and milk testing opportunities that make it EASY for you to get the information you need to make better breeding decisions. 

We all love our goats but let's face it; feed, health care and our labor is worth time and money. Yes, we enjoy their companionship and of course the babies; but most of us have goats because we need them to give back in the form of milk, meat or both.


Tracking this data will help you make the most of your herd and you will learn how to feed and breed for efficiency. We will help you try to make your goat into the best goat he or she can be and how to improve upon the next generation. 

Click on the drop downs to learn more about the programs we offer. 

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